May 4 2017

When you have Bills to pay so you got to do some nasty work.... Time to Edit the videos. Fiasco - Old Office Gacha @ The Gacha Garden - Office Mat, Office Chair, Computer Tower, Desk, Drink, Filing Cabinet, Keyboard & Mouse, Games Gift, Lotion & Tissues, Mail, Mic, Monitor & Trashed Computer as The SOI … Continue reading May 4 2017


Feb 2 2017

I'm not feeling the best today dizzy and nausea so I took the day off work which doesn't leave me feeling better. I always worry that if I'm not t work something will go wrong that might not have if I was there.  I don't know why I always want to be in control when … Continue reading Feb 2 2017

My escape from it all….

Ever just want to escape to an isolated cabin in the woods no internet no phones just the peace and quiet of the wilderness your own thoughts and maybe a good book....Yes I have all the time. *TKW* Aija - Browns @ Cosmopolitan TY ♥ Catwa Alice Mesh Head Insol. #2 - Face 'Ilona', STO4 'Copper' … Continue reading My escape from it all….

And this is why you don’t mess with sisters

It started out like any other day peaceful and quiet the street lights came on and the day was winding down..... Cries of laughter mixed with cries of woe and then a loud smashing sound filled the street. The neighbors looked out through their windows and witnessed the sisters taking what looked like revenge on a pristine … Continue reading And this is why you don’t mess with sisters