Feb 3 2018

Trying to be professional, but I get the feeling he ain't listening... TRUTH / Caralisa CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v2.10 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 -SU!- Delora Eyes Blind Blodshot Collection Ariskea [Black Dahlia] Black Glasses Addams // Kristie Shirt Transp w/ Short & Suspender//MaitreyaV2 REIGN.- THIGH HIGH RIDING BOOTS (MAITREYA-HIGH) @ N21 … Continue reading Feb 3 2018


Jan 1 2017…

It's the first day of the year and like other years before I set myself an impossible task o rather it feels impossible.... Make this a better year be more involved be more ¬†creative learn new things. All things that don't sound impossible right? But where do you start and how do you achieve this … Continue reading Jan 1 2017…

I have a little country in me….

What an amazing afternoon spent exploring again just getting out there and visiting old places and seeing if they have grown over time or stayed the same and if they are the same do they still have the same feel. Id say yes to that visited an old favorite today and it still is such … Continue reading I have a little country in me….