Don’t let the rain get you down…

So many amazing sims have been created for us to explore in Second Life…these creators and designers have put so much time and effort into creating something magical and special for us and yet so many of these sims sit empty forgotten. (and lag free Yay!)

I had mentioned a few posts ago that I was heading out to see these old favorites again to see if they had been redesigned or if they were still even there.

Today I stumbled upon :Flux Sur Mer: and its still as amazing as the first time I explored….do yourself a favor and go reacquaint yourself.

So many wondrous areas to explore the sim is filled with some of the most amazing builds created and they have rentals along with perfectly landscaped wilds making you feel like you have stepped into a time forgotten.

Don't let the rain get you down

TRUTH HAIR Arabella – Light Browns

CaTwA Head – Alice

Insol. #4 – Face ‘Ilona”, STO4 ‘Copper’ @ Cosmopolitan TY

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

(Yummy) Cresent Necklace – Gold

(Yummy) Lotus Necklace – Gold

.Puki. My Short Square Nails – Maitreya

Blueberry – Larissa – Maitreya – Cherry @ New!!

R.icielli – WENDY High Heels – Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan TY

Del May – Depleted Pose

Thank you x


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