My escape from it all….

Ever just want to escape to an isolated cabin in the woods no internet no phones just the peace and quiet of the wilderness your own thoughts and maybe a good book….Yes I have all the time.

My Private Idaho

*TKW* Aija – Browns @ Cosmopolitan TY ♥

Catwa Alice Mesh Head

Insol. #2 – Face ‘Ilona’, STO4 ‘Copper’ RARE @ Cosmopolitan TY ♥

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

:FY: Sasha Top (Pack One) @ Buy Now TY ♥

Blueberry – Pizza – Dark Blue

!six o’clock! Lil House Ruins @ Cosmopolitan TY ♥

Skye Enchanted Woods

LB_Daisy {Field}

..::THOR::.. Small Spaces Closet @ Cosmopolitan TY ♥

Thank you xxx


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