Purity & Poison

Its one of those days one of those moments where I have lost my self confidence when everything I do seems wrong yet I try to fix it to get it right and continue to fail.

I’ll keep trying though its what I do maybe this time around I will not think my failure is a failure and just accept it for what it has become.

So for the last week I’ve been pretty off color and not wanting to spend anytime in sl and I know its done me well but I also find I lose my mojo and flow when I leave for too long and its happened this time too and I cant seem to be happy with any picture I want to take…..sigh (I really should grow up)

This is it

There are a couple of things I’m wearing which I have totally fallen in love with and I really want to bring them to your attention.

These heels are Divine and you can find them at this round of Cosmopolitan. Made by Italiano Shoes are Lacey in White & Gold and are beyond sexy!

And to match that hint of red on the shoes I added a splash of red to the lips. **[BAMBOO] has released Holly Lips which can be found at Cosmopolitan this round and has a full range of gorgeous colors to choose from.

I am loving this tattoo from PMS its called Poison and can be found at The Wasteland Fair. It comes in three different tones to match up with your skin and is Omega applier friendly.

Okay if you haven’t noticed it already  Doe has released a new hair which is available at The Kawaii Project. Seriously she can do no wrong right every time I buy a new hair from her I do believe get even cuter 😛 . This hair is called Nell and is perfection for this spring season.

Hopefully I can get my mojo back 

Mwuahs xxx


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