Soo many puns not enough time….

I didn’t even think about where I was taking my selfie today I just knew I was looking hot and believed at that moment I needed to share it with the world….but looking back at it and having a very open friend beside and in my ear I obviously started to see that maybe I didn’t think it through.

As the title says …..

So many puns not enough time

So I have been madly in love with my Maitreya body for such a long time but recently wanted to beef myself up and could never get the right shape to work with my body so I invested in the Belleza body and love wearing Freya for that added extra.

I love the pose set I got from {.:exposeur:.} #pinupselfie as it comes with the phone prop and mirrored poses so you really can change it up as needed.

Today I’m wearing another gorgeously sexy top from :Forever Young: called Maddie its a new release in store and has a tonne of colors to choose from its a must have in any wardrobe.

Still loving these lips from Adihona which were available at the last round of Cosmopolitan so bright and sexy it really draws the eye in.

When I found this hair from Moon at the last round of Uber I instantly knew it was going to be an all time fav there is just something about the short hair that I love. This one is called Tennessee. I’m hoping for everyone’s sake its in the main store now.

And last but not least is this beautiful necklace by DATUM its that little finishing touch that just completes the look. This was also available at Cosmopolitan but should be up in store soon.

And because I am so happy with our beautiful spring I want to remind everyone to come check out Maison de L’amitie we would really love to have you here.



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