Take a different approach….

So I have been trying something a little different over the last few days I have been building a little set up to display some of the amazing decor pieces that are available at this round of the Cosmopolitan event.

I have been so over whelmed by the amazing creativity of these designers and I really wanted to show them off with out me in the way.

I hope I am able to do them justice xxx


Tool Shed – Airey Gazebo @ Cosmopolitan

Di’Cor Sam’s Chair [Rustic] 

CONSTRUCT – Mesh Candelabras

Con. & Floorplan. – Woven Rug


Clutter Exclusive – Smile & Hugs Marquee @ Cosmopolitan

Fiasco – Castaway Wine Bar @ Hello Tuesday

Ex Machina Terrarium 1 & 2 @ Cosmopolitan


{anc} flottante puppies @ Collabor88

-tres blah- Hodgepodge Wine Duet – Gacha

Striped Mocha – Wall Fountain @ Cosmopolitan


As you can see there are some amazing pieces that would be the perfect addition to your gorgeous home so jump down to Cosmopolitan and grab them as soon as you can remember the event only runs for 2 weeks so be quick.

Mwuahs xxx


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