Natures Dance

Nature’s stage is green on blue
with drifting mounds of white
As caps of foam keep company
with playful liquid light

I watch the pieces dance together
with grace and subtle flair
As each piece humbly plays its part
without a haughty air

Wind blows…. trees sway
Clouds drift… birds soar
Waves roll … river runs
Sun shines … moon glows

As I return from year to year
I perceive the wondrous whole
Yet the pieces change unceasingly
well beyond mankind’s control

Gazing in awe at nature’s dance
I sense inner tension melting
While nature helps me see myself
as one more piece connecting

~ Mark Bratlie ~

Dance till your warm

Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR ~ Holly NEW!

Skin ~ [PUMEC] Daria Spring

Cape/ Top ~ -Pixicat- Wintry Cape (Shade) // C88

Jeans ~ Lenox 2015 Denim Womens

Camera ~ {AMITOMO} Vintage Camera 

Boots ~ :Diamante: Sleigh Ride Winter Boots

Destination ~ Winter Moon

Live a little Dance alot!

Mwuahs xxx


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