Wild Eyes

We built our dreams from the ashes of your nightmares
Carried our father’s sins, from the cradle to the grave
We paved our paths through the darkness that you left us in
Now we ride in the belly of the beast
We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal
A generation born to witness the end of the world

Wild Eyes


TRUTH HAIR – Ainsley


{AIMI} Skin – Anna Rock your Rack Exlcusive Natural 06 


Auricle Mesh Ears 1.1

:Z.S: Tentacle Ear Wraps


[hh] Fhara Outfit Complete Black (Slink High)


:Z.S: Witchery Ring set 


Im Soo Jelly – Lost in the Echo

I adore the makeup on this skin from {AIMI} Its soft and subtle and oooo soooo pretty 🙂 and its for a good cause so make sure you go check out the event. 

One thing I love about [hh] is the complete outfit bag shoes and jewelry to match the gorgeous outfit. The zipper tag on the shoes….to die for 🙂

Mwuahs xxx


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