No Fake Sh…

Unless we are talking about SL and then its all fake TRUTH / Jacica Speakeasy - Sucess Tattoo @ Access [[ Masoom ]] Vivien Top & Panty- Lara @ Access -SU!- Lisha Eyeshadow @ Access [ Focus Poses ] No Fake Sh*t Backdrop & Why The Hell Not Vol 2 Poses @ Access    


Dial 1 for Fast Delivery

Don't be afraid that I won't pick up just Dial 1 for Fast Delivery! DOUX - Kylie Hair @ Equal 10 MILA - Globe Eyes @ Ultra  -SU- - Poison Sunglasses @ Ultra Speakeasy - Detached Tattoo Rebel Gal - Satin Crop Top @ Equal 10  

Time to Spread those wings

I haven't really felt like I could blog as I have been having a hundred different issues with my computer and pictures and the quality but I missed the time I spent doing it missed the focus I had while I listened to tunes and made things look pretty. I won't ever get back to … Continue reading Time to Spread those wings